Multi-purpose Event Venue


Main Floor Plan

Espace’s Main Events Hall (2,000 sq ft plus a spacious reception area of 500 sq ft), Library Lounge and Private Room – Privato, are all available for private rental, providing an integrated event haven for pre- and post-function enjoyment.

The Main Events Hall can be partitioned into 2 zones, catering to a wide range of small to medium scale events. Flexible event and exhibition design capabilities are illustrated in the floor plans below.

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Espace’s Main Events Hall is perfect for catering to a cocktail party, and can be supplemented by a private seated area at the Library Lounge. Party lighting as well as advanced audio visual systems are also available. Capacity: 200
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Private Dinner

Espace’s Main Events Hall caters perfectly to an intimate, elegant private seated dinner, with the option to host two long tables across both zones, or one table per zone. Seated Capacity (Zone 1+2): 60 Seated Capacity (Zone 1 only): 36 Seated Capacity (Zone 2 only): 24
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Espace’s Main Events Hall provides the perfect venue to host an intimate banquet, for any occasion, with a generous reception and private areas of the Library Lounge and Privato to complement pre- and post-dinner functions.
Seated Capacity: 64 (8 Tables of 8 Pax)
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Espace’s Main Events Hall has the capacity to host a wide range of events, from talks, lectures, and seminars to auctions and press conferences, in a theatre setting with projector functionalities.
Seated Capacity: 170
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Conveniently located in the heart of Central, Espace is the perfect venue to host conferences and meetings. Espace is fully equipped with meeting facilities and an executive business package is also available.
Seated Capacity (Zone 1 only): 32 Seated Capacity (Zone 2 only): 16 Seated Capacity (Zone 1+2): 48
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Art Exhibition

With a sophisticated track lighting and hanging system, Espace’s Main Hall provides the perfect carte blanche space to host art exhibitions and auction previews, with the supplementing Library Lounge and Privato for opening receptions and private areas for detailed discussions.
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In addition to product launches and fashion previews, Espace can be transformed into a catwalk show for a fully-fledged production. Seated Capacity: 137